Twitter as a viable HR job search tool

Turn Twitter into a Real-Time Job Board


Looking for HR openings that might not be in your Job Search Website list? HAVE FUN implementing the four following steps:

1 – Set up an account. In the event that you’re new to twitter, you will need to set up a twitter account prior to being able to searches. Easy to do, simply go to, look for the account setup feature, add another user name and password to your password list and type in what you want as your thoughtfully selected “twitter handle” name.  Many people at this point will choose a twitter handle that expresses their professional interest preceded by the “@” sign.

Examples: @HR_GuruDavid, @SPHRVicki or my handle which is @BenefitsMyke.   😉

IF you feel that your ideal unique.. “HR related”.. twitter handle might be taken already, you can call me and I’ll do a search with you on the phone to find ones that have not already been used or we can brainstorm a few selections unique to your professional brand.(@BenefitsMyke phone number 954.332.6127) You also can do this with any other twitter account holder friend or set up a ghost twitter account used only to access the twitter search bar. (similiar to “google-ing” or keyword searching on

2 – Search keywords and twitter handles names in combination. Credible associations or HR Recruitment firms such as “@SHRMHRJobs”, “@HRSearchPartner” and other “HR” related entities. IF you are an HR pro looking for a specific HR title try “@SHRMHRJobs” & “Director” or “Manager” into the search bar of twitter.

3 – Use industry or keyword hashtags like “#HR”, “#HRJobs” and or “#aerospace”

4 – Look up @benefitsmyke, go to my home page, find “lists”, and select, “HR Jobs” to find a list of helpful HR entities that push out HR openings. Follow any or all of the 10-15 people from my list, or click on “Subscribe” to see these peoples’ tweets in your feeds. (or if you dare, simply return back to my profile and click to view the search results from either of my customized “lists”)

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