What HR pros say about Inside Track

5 thoughts on “What HR pros say about Inside Track

  1. Thank you Mike Powers for facilitating a venue that provides timely, effective and networking tools for HR professionals in transition. I Since I’ve participated in your programs, I have referred others and will not hesitate to tune in when time permits. I appreciate your valuable insight and knowledge.


  2. I get observed that online diploma gets preferred because obtaining your college degree online has turned into a popular method for most people. A large numbers of people have definitely not had an opportunity to attend a regular college nonetheless seek out the raised earning possibilities and a more satisfactory job that any Bachelor’s Amount offers. Still others might possess a college degree a single discipline but desire to pursue one more thing they today possess a concern in.


  3. Mike Powers’ “Business Hangouts” is providing a great service to Human Resources professionals. Every week there is a guest speaker providing information about very relevant topics to HR professionals in transition. If you or anyone you know is a Human Resources professional in transition, I urge you to refer them to start by simply by visiting hrinsightrack.com. Thank you Mike for the great service you have been providing to many in the South Florida Human Resources community. Sincerely, Abby Hidalgo-Gato


  4. I had the pleasure to meet Mike through LinkedIn and he was immediately open to help me with contacts and information on job opportunities. He also invited me to his “Business Hangouts”, a virtual forum of professionals in transition, that happens every Monday night, which is led and organized by Mike – on his personal time! I found these forums very interesting both from a professional and human stand point. Mike was always positive and kept participants focused on key topics inviting other professionals to share tips about current challenges at the job market. He takes care of every detail to keep the group active, and in a relaxed environment, which made this meetings something I could not afford to miss.

    Mike is a true HR professional and I’d like to thank him for his incredible support and kindness.

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