Social Networking and Accessing the Hidden HR Job Market – “Built for Speed Blue Print”

Just like an HR Consultant who will seek new clients to replace completed projects, or lost income, the HR Full Time Job Seeker, might benefit from taking a look at what an active HR Consulting Group or Single HR Consultant does to build business and maintain cash flow. Below is a sample outline of what they do. The outline, called our “Built for Speed Blue Print”,  starts with taking a look at familiar concepts found in a basic Business to Business, (B2B), sales model. This page was used as a handout for a live work shop done w/ HRPBC late last year.

I.            Basic understanding of the B2B Sales Model

  1. Gather data to qualify and prioritize prospects, (ongoing) & Study the competition
  2. Identify decision makers AND Key Stake Holders / initiate two-way dialogue
  3. Differentiate yourself from the competition / help them solve THEIR problems
  4. Understand the predictable objections and overcome them up front
  5. Uncover gaps in existing processes / identify their process for making changes
  6. Present relevant solutions / have simple next steps ready  / ask for the business & close the sale

II.            Why might this matter?

  1. JOB search parallel
  2. Goal of Multiple interviews happening simultaneously
  3. Capitalize on the Human element
  4. Embrace 2 way conversations

III.            Why Sell yourself? How?

  1. Applying online:   A Black hole
  2. Broken hiring process: Too Long / Too Many Steps / Too Many Days lost
  3. Social Media & Active Face to Face or Two Way Real Time Networking Solutions
  4. Recruitment Ads Equal Pain:  Follow them with a different view
  5. Help THEM solve THEIR problems

IV.            Predictable Gaps Found in Corporate America:   that executives will say fall into jurisdiction of the HR Dept

  1. Think size segment specific / look at HR Vendor firms and their Solutions to re-enforce the predictable gap concept
  • Employee dis engagement  / All sizes
  • Outdated or zero Succession Plan 50-300 ee
  • No SPD(Summary Plan Description) or plan document 75-300 ee
  • Outdated employee handbook or HIPAA process
  • Broken Talent Mgmt Plan
  • Unsustainable employee benefit costs

     2.      Other predictable gaps

  • Minimized on boarding
  • Attrition not measured
  • Inaccurate CPH, (Cost Per Hire), calculation
  • Disconnect between C Executives and HR Dept.
  • Partial or total shortage of metrics use to support key initiatives

V.            Working Project:   Create questions that uncover a specific “predictable gap” style conversation. Samples below of “probing questions” are below.

1.   How does your firm plan for replacement of when a  high performance employee voluntarily leaves the firm? (predictable gap:  absense succession plan)

2.   How do you measure and increase employee engagement?  (predictable gap:  employee disengagement)

3.   What is your process for measuring the ROI of your employee benefits budget? (predictable gap:  benefits budgets spent w/o any knowledge or metric for measured results)

4.    Write your own questions and have fun matching SHRM workshop themes with probing questions that are certain to uncover pain.

VI.          Working project:   What to do next.

1.   Find 10-20 companies that fall within an ideal commute radius that also are your favorite industries

2.   Write down EVERY name, title and phone number of ANYBODY that works there. Use @in,,, facebook, google plus etc.

3.   Look them up on linkedin to see if you know someone who knows them and ask them to make a call on your behalf to suggest a warm introduction

4.   Identify Key Executive Stake Holders, within the firm who normally makes decisions surrounding a predictable gap or active HR opening.

5.   Call them and their contacts to get a two-way conversation ABOUT THEM started.

6.   Build rapport with your best sense of good timing, ask your best probing question(s) t0 address either of the predictable gaps that match both your unique value proposition and the size segment of the firm.

7.   Rinse and repeat

IN addition to the working projects above,  another great place to build on your HR job networking strategy is to target the Sponsorship Chair of any local SHRM chapter. This person’s job is to know most, if not all, of the higher profile HR Vendors. (for the obvious purpose of soliciting sponsorships, etc.) A simple two way conversation with that person and other like them, could be, assuming you’re not shy, the beginning of what for many, has become the single most powerful vehicle for accessing the hidden HR job market.

Your thoughts are welcomed. IF you have any words on predictable gaps found inside corporate America or probing questions that can be used to uncover predictable gaps,  I will be especially happy to help you in any way I can. Mike 561.632.7258

8 thoughts on “Social Networking and Accessing the Hidden HR Job Market – “Built for Speed Blue Print”

  1. Thank you, Mike! Looking for employment can be very daunting and stressful. Unless your dream job just happens to fall into your lap, to be successful the job seeker has to approach the search as a full time; or as a BUSINESS! This “Built for Speed Blue Print” will do just that…
    Karen Huegel

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Mike, I totally “get” from number III on. I need to percolate on items I and II. To gaps, I would add “skill loss in HR and other departments due to downsizing, compounded by inadequate training for people taking over responsibilities of eliminated positions.”

    Thanks for the information at last night’s session on job searching with social media. It’s overwhelming, but I truly believe an intelligent person can figure out and master just about anything with sustained focus. Last night I opened a Twitter account and actually located a job there I had not seen in my conventional job board activities.

    Thank you!
    Ibby Vores


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